Pomade vs Wax

Men nowadays are giving women a run for their money when it comes to keeping their appearance at a hundred percent. With that said, which hair product should they use in order to style their hair just right, especially if they want a hairdo that’s rugged, ravishing, and testosterone-exuding without looking clownish (as in the case of Donald Trump’s wigged look). Hairspray is out of the question due to environmental concerns, so it’s all about pomade vs wax. As far as men’s grooming products are concerned, the pomade is the most popular of the two hairstyling ointments because of its place in Classic Americana. Then again, hair wax has its benefits that you won’t find in a bottle or container of pomade (like a superior slicked back style that was all the rage with greasers in the 1950s and yuppies in the 1980s).

The Pros and Cons of Pomade and Wax

•    If you’re a punk, grunge, emo, or heavy metal rocker who wishes to get that spiky hair that was all the rage at the Turn of the Millennium all the way to the New Tens, then wax is the way to go. While pomade also boasts of giving you that superior hold with the wet look of gel products, it’s important to note that this stiffness typically roots from pomades with wax (specifically beeswax) and lanolin in them.

•    Pomade, especially modern pomade, is less damaging to hair and can even moisturize naturally dry and thick afro hair to boot, so it offers the best of both worlds in terms of hair stiffening without excessive usage lanolin or beeswax. With that said, original or old pomade is a lot closer to the greasiness of wax than modern pomade is. However, if you don’t care much for the appearance of hair wetness, wax has a drier take on hair sculpting.

•    Pomade has superior shine and luster compared to the waxy look of wax that seems to make your hair act like clay. Meanwhile, wax has better hairstyle versatility without all the grease. Of course, if you want to cut on your grease content but still wish to use a pomade product, you can always depend on water-based pomade to save the day. If you want more hold, go with wax. If you want more sleekness, go with pomades. Check out menspomade.net for more information.


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